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Teneriffe cruise terminal

You would never guess why I went to a two week cruise, twice!

Cruise ships are for retired people right? They play bingo all day, go to a cabaret show in the evening...

World Citizen

10 ways to travel more while you still have a job

My friends often wonder, how on Earth can we travel so much? “You are always somewhere, always in some remote...


How Dubai gave me the best memories, without ever living in Dubai?

We are all chasing different dreams in our lives. The perfect partner, the perfect job, the house you can call...

home town budapest bridge danube

Showing around your home town

When was the last time you have been a tourist at your home town? You tend to take the same routes, going to the same places, as quickly and efficiently as possible. No time to appreciate the buildings, anyways, what else could be there? It's just a 150 year old building with some statues on the side. Who cares?

Why do Expats love Hong Kong

Why do expats love Hong Kong?

Why do Expats love Hong Kong? In my university years, I have seen an inspirational video, titled “Wear Sunscreen“. One...

Utah F150 4th of July movies and reality scenery mountain

Movies and reality through 4th of July

Growing up in Eastern Europe in the 80s-90s gave me a unique perception of the US. The TV was showing...

survive a long haul flight

How to survive a long haul flight?

Travelling around the globe is a great adventure, though it comes with inconveniences. Unless you can afford business class and...

World Citizen Family in the Philippines

What do I LOVE about the Philippines?

The World Citizen family has been to the Philippines recently, and it turned out to be one of the best destinations...

San Francisco, California on our working vacation

Matter of Perspective

The World Citizen moves to San Francisco I had a pretty standard nine to five kind of life in London...