Who is the World Citizen?

Sunset in Gran Canaria on a rooftop. September 2017 World citizen familyIntroducing the World Citizen

Hello, my name is Gabor (Click here for my LinkedIn Profile), a 35 year old World Citizen. I had a professional career for 12 years, on 4 continents, and I have enjoyed every second of it! Starting my career in Budapest, living next to the Olympic stadium in London, enjoying the wonderful nature in Nigeria, driving through the steepest streets of San Francisco in a convertible, having brunches on the 54th floor or joining a dragon boat team in Hong Kong; these are all memories I could only get while I was living in these amazing places!

In 2017, as our daughter was born, we have decided to quit our jobs, and enjoy life by travelling even more!

I was always writing some sort of blog, I even had one dedicated to my Nigerian adventures, now I can write one full time, sharing the tremendous experience we gathered over the years on travel, and write about new journeys we are about to embark on!

You may be sitting in an office, browsing the best hotel deals in Bangkok before your next meeting, be 19 and planning your gap year, already be on the road full time, looking for ways on how to work location independently like a nomad, this blog is for you! I hope I can share valuable tips and travel hacks with you! For starters, go read my philosophy on Working Vacation!

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