You would never guess why I went to a two week cruise, twice!

Cruise ships are for retired people right? They play bingo all day, go to a cabaret show in the evening and eat as much as possible in between. Well, that’s what I though until I signed up for one! Two weeks crossing the Atlantic, from Barcelona to Brazil! And the World citizen family had a blast! How? Let me tell you more!

Our ship on Nomad Cruise
The Sovereign cruise ship

I got here by clicking on a Facebook ad!

One and a half years ago, in 2017, I have seen a facebook ad, promoting Nomad Cruise. On the picture, you could see a few hundred young people, having a party AND sitting in conference rooms, looking determined. The ad mentioned some sort of skill building, and travelling to exotic places, so I’ve clicked. I was not sure what I was looking for, but this is as close as it gets to it!

They call themselves digital nomads, who love travelling and do some sort of online work to make a living. In a more elegant term, location independent entrepreneurs. All they need is their laptop and internet to work from anywhere in the world. Well, hey, I could do that. I did not have a job at the time, and I was earning our living on the internet, so… I could do this from anywhere, right? Technically, I AM a Digital Nomad! In 10 minutes, after I run the idea with Mrs World Citizen, I was filling out the application form, and dreamt of far away islands and cocktails with some learning involved! The cruise started in a month! From Grand Canaria to Panama! How cool is that! I have never been to Panama, and excited to find out what is there!

Nomad Cruise in Brazil
Enjoying the beach bar

Why go second time on the same cruise?

Fast forward to November 2018, the World Citizen family boarded their second Nomad Cruise, as it was such an intense and awesome experience for the first time! It was really about skill sharing, presentations and keynotes, meetups with like-minded people! We learned so much from each other! Meanwhile, cruisers are provided with food, alcohol, a comfy bed, pool and a gym. Yes, there are parties too!

On a typical day, when we were at sea, the pensioners were playing the aforementioned bingo. Not the digital nomads, we all rushed to have breakfast and enjoy a coffee at the bar.

In the mornings there are speakers on stage, on topics a digital nomad is interested in, such as how to build online businesses. There are also motivational talks, personal success (and failure) stories. In the afternoon we can attend workshops, where we could learn way more on very specific topics. In case you are not interested in any of them, you could hit the pool, catch up on your sleep, or just hang out at one of the bars and talk to people, build friendships and business connections. Trust me, it’s immense fun! I met the most interesting people, who write awesome review blogs, experts in real estate investment, develop machine learning or who knows, might be building the next Facebook!

And the day is not over yet! Meetups on various topics are happening before, at, and after dinner, people simply love sharing their skills and get you started on facebook chat bots, acquiring multiple citizenships, or salsa dancing. These meetups are getting more and more informal as more alcohol is getting served, and the day ends in the disco or a jam session at the back of the ship!

But wait, there is more to the cruise!

As you can see, the program is really overwhelming! but wait, there IS more!

Cape Verde beach
The World Citizen Family in Cape Verde

On the cruise, the ship is visiting Islands where they can restock from that lovely smoked salmon. Meanwhile, cruisers can visit the island on a day trip! With fellow nomad cruisers, we rented motorbikes on Teneriffe and did an amazing scenic drive. We did a volcano hike in St Kitts, organized scuba diving in Cape Verde, renteted a car and got to completely abandoned beaches in Aruba! All unforgettable adventures with great people!

So this is why the World Citizen LOVES crossing the Atlantic on a cruiseship! The Nomad Cruise is a brilliant idea from Johannes Voelkner, the founder. You should come next time too, I am sure I will be there in 2019 too!

OK, What if I’m not ready yet?

Nomad Cruise team
Nomad Cruise team

Hang on a second! What if you are not a digital nomad yet? Are you missing out all the fun? Not necessarily! There were plenty of people who still have a 9 to 5 job at the moment but would love to explore what other options are available to make a living! I am hoping to have a workshop on how to transition from a corporate environment to the always on the go digital nomad lifestyle! See you there!

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