10 ways to travel more while you still have a job

My friends often wonder, how on Earth can we travel so much? “You are always somewhere, always in some remote and exotic country” – they say! Probably you also have friends who always check in on Facebook from the Maldives, Colombia, and two weeks later from Sydney. It feels like these people have too much holiday on their hands! How do they do it? They either cheat somehow, or they are real NINJAS at expanding their holidays to travel more! So you have a regular 9-5 job, and you feel you can only do one, maybe two holidays in a year, you just don’t have enough vacation days! The World Citizen would love to share with you how to beat the system, how to travel even more while having a regular office job! Here come 10 things you can do to free up time and money for more travel!

YOU could travel more, become a Ninja, expanding travel TIME

  1. Plan ahead. Way ahead.

Do you know what are you doing 10 months from now? Empty calendar? Well, time to block out some days, and chose a destination! Plan ahead, you’ll find great deals! Yes, there are many websites and statisticians claim they can predict when can you buy the cheapest flight ticket. Sometimes they are right, check out the Hopper App for Android and iOS. They do track flight ticket prices and based on past stats, tell you when is it the best time to buy. Is it perfect? No, so just buy at a price point you are happy with. So Plan ahead, in extreme cases, like an Antarctica tripe, plan 2-3 years ahead.

  1. Use all the holidays to have more days off

    If Monday Tuesday is a public holiday, then take the remaining three days as well, and boom, you have 9 days off! Obvious right? Notify your employer as soon as the new year is open for vacation booking, as others plan ahead too. Pro tip: Do NOT use your vacation days for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your bargaining position on getting any other days off increases tremendously if you are willing to do some work between Christmas and New Years Eve. Don’t worry, everyone else is on holiday, so you won’t break a sweat! You can probably do it from home.

  2. Go straight to the airport from the office

    On your last working day before your vacation, arrive in the office with luggage. In case your manager is a good guy, he’ll let you leave at 2 pm on a Friday so you can catch your flight. No one accomplished anything meaningful on a Friday afternoon, people tend to sneak out early anyways. Some go hit the bar, some go travel more!

  3. Do work from the beach

    Yes, flight tickets are expensive on a Friday evening right before a national holiday. So leave on Wednesday evening. Many have the option for remote work, so you can log in and work from the pool for two days. As soon as you log off, you can be in that pool, enjoy your evening in your dream location. I am sure your boss will be cool with it. If not, think about looking for a job where you are treated the way you want, supporting your travel more needs.

  4. Have shorter 3-5 day holidays as well

    It is still a holiday, you don’t need to go to Bali for a good time, you can do cool stuff in a 200-mile radius too. A weekend getaway will also get you those Instagram worthy moments, and you will be able to travel more.  It’s also easier to convince friends to go with you for shorter trips!

  5. Call in Sick

    OK, this is really a last resort when you want to squeeze in that extra two days, you have zero vacation days left, and your manager would not agree, not show any flexibility. In your mind, you already quit the company, and you don’t care if you are using this. In some cases, companies provide you with sick days. Use them as unofficial vacation days! Things to be careful about: Do not get caught, so no bikini pics on Facebook, no food porn on Instagram. Also, make sure you won’t need those sick days in case you really are sick.

  6. Use your network

    Yes, hotels are usually expensive, especially in peak periods. Have you thought about visiting a friend who happens to work in Seoul? Come on, I am sure you know someone who would be happy to see you and can provide you with a couch for a few nights! It’s always great to see friends! They are even happier that someone travelled all the way to see them! Trust me, this is experience, while living abroad, I was ALWAYS in to host a buddy! Great way to create memories, keeping in touch, and the benefit of seeing a new part of the world, travel more.

  7. Extend your business travel

    You are already in another city, your flight is paid for by your company. Why don’t you extend your stay with a few nights? You can also work a few days from that office, do in-person meetings with the people there, and explore the city after work. Yes, I have seen this happening, if you can convince your manager you NEED to meet those people in that office, they may even pay for your hotel for the extra days. If you don’t ask, they never will!

  8. Get a short term assignment in another office

    Well, this needs some commitment and opportunity, but sometimes it happens. A good friend of mine is staying in Nairobi for 3 months on an assignment. How cool is that? Everything is paid for, she has her weekends to herself to explore, and she gets to come back home to her safe office job! Another friend of mine spends a year in Stockholm, which is again, super cool! Your company takes care of you, you are building your network within the company. As a benefit, you’ll have a ton of memories from that new place!

  9. Get relocated

    So you have been in your role for two years now, you know the ins and outs? Are you subscribed to your company’s internal job site? If it’s a multinational company, chances are there are always openings in Melbourne, Cape Town, Seattle, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangalore or some smaller city. Relocating from London to San Francisco was a life-changing move for the World Citizen! It happened to many friends, people in my social circles in London now live and work around the Globe! Just to think about a few where they live: Boston, Bratislava, Hong Kong, Antwerp, San Francisco, Sydney, Shanghai. Most of them simply found a job there or got transferred within their companies!

  • +1 – Travel in between jobs.

I know, it’s not ideal, but if you must go for a two months road trip around South America, either ask for unpaid leave (harder than you may think, I have tried) or simply time it when you are changing jobs. Sign that contract from the 1st of March, and Quit by the end of December! There are your two months! Unpaid though, so you really need savings and a budget way to do that road trip!

To sum it all up, not all 10 is an option for everyone. You may have a strict company policy about time you have to spend in the office. Your company may only have one single office. No opportunity for business travel. Circumstances may not permit to use all the tricks, but I hope can be eye-opening on what’s available for others! You can be one of those people as well! Next time you change jobs, it may be a factor if they have an office at your dream place to live, or how flexible are they on home office. Good luck hacking your travel time, go travel more!


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