Showing around your home town

When was the last time you have been a tourist in your home town? You tend to take the same routes, going to the same places, as quickly and efficiently as possible. No time to appreciate the buildings, anyways, what else could be there? It’s just a 150-year-old building with some statues on the side. Who cares?

visiting your home town budapest

Visiting my home town, from abroad

I first realized how beautiful my home town Budapest was when I was living in London for a while and visited home. Walking to my next meeting, I had to cover 3-4 kilometres along the Danube. I had 90 minutes to kill, and it was a little chilly, but sunny day. I have decided to WALK. Crazy right? I could have taken the subway! No, I had to walk, slowly, like a tourist. I was smiling all the way like a crazy person, appreciating how beautiful my city is!

visiting your home town budapest

The second time I was actually playing tourist last summer when a group of friends decided to visit Budapest and I decided to show them around. We have discovered all the touristy places locals never go! Walked routes which take from one attraction to another. I always read the news how popular Budapest is as a tourist destination, but never thought how great it actually is! It’s like I was on holiday, and explored a brand new city! Looking through a tourist’s eye made it a completely different experience! I was a host and a guest at the same time, and technically, I was visiting too, as I was living in Hong Kong at the time.

visiting your home town budapest

I would like to encourage all of you, wherever you are, to invite international friends! (Volunteer here!!! 🙂 Be their guide, explore the city you think you know! I bet you will have an amazing time and will end up appreciating your city even more!

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